Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Aircraft manufacturing technician

Antoine enjoys his work very much because, it’s very interesting for him to work on brand new aircraft and prototypes. To become an aircraft manufacturing technician, he took a three-year college course at √ČNA. It was a difficult time when he graduated in May 1985. The aircraft industry was just beginning to emerge from a three year slump. In February 1986, the industry was back on its feet. So, he left his resume at three different places and within a week he had a job, at Canadair. He started his first week making photocopies for everyone because, mistakes are very costly in the aircraft industry, so they want to make sure that you had some experience before they give you large responsibilities. By the time, he acquired experience; as a result he worked on the Boeing 747 in Seattle. Back then it was the largest passenger plane in the world. He also worked for Ferrari in the design part with CATIA. The salary of an Aircraft manufacturing technician is more than flipping burgers and less that being Bill gates. In others words, it’s around $20 and $25 an hour to start. It can go up quickly if you show the right aptitudes and the right attitude. For this you need to be a professional: work hard and take responsibility for your mistakes. Mistakes in the aircraft industry can cost lives that is why they pay you the big bucks.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Working in business field

I decided to do my project on business because business is a large field, you can work everywhere with the knowledge you have. So, it is not like in another field, like law. Actually, to be a lawyer here it is not like being a lawyer in Peru or China, because law in this country are different, but working in the business field here or a field in another country is not so much different because the rules are very similar. So, during this interview I learned many things about the business field. First of all, with a diploma in business people can be a financial analyst, who is a person who helps companies to manage their finances. He helps companies make good investments for their money; or people can be a financial planner, who helps people to plan for their future, he helps them to save money, to invest, to plan for their children’s studies. All of these jobs are more of a white-collar job. So generally, after the bachelor, the range of salary is 50,000$-80,000$ per year. One of the advantages to work in this field is that companies usually pay well, however, many people like this field, so it is a competitive field. To work in this field you need to be an open-minded person, a person who gets along with people easily, also, it is important to have leadership skills. Like many jobs, working in this field can ask you to work about 45 hours per weeks. When you start to work, it is better to work for someone first, because you need to get experience and the best way is working with others, they will help you to solve problems and you will learn more by being with experienced people. So, working with international companies as profitable as work to local companies. To sum up for me, working in this field has many advantages, and with a diploma in this field you can do many kinds of jobs. I really liked to do this project because I will finish soon my study in college and I don’t know what I really want to do. My choice was between business and health science, and with this interview I realized that working in business can be very interesting, but I prefer health science.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Optical Dispensing

As a part of my program in Optical Dispensing, I’m presently doing a training period and from time to time, I interview the owner on the different aspects of her profession that are going to be mine very soon. Here is the result of my discussion with her.

An Optician analyses the prescription that has been written by an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist. He or she identifies the customer’s needs to recommend the best choice of glasses. He or she is able to communicate easily and has a great sense of aestheticism. He or she takes the necessary measures. At the delivery, he or she informs the customer about the adaptation he could be subjected to. He or she adjusts the frame and explains the manipulation and the upkeep of the glasses. In a laboratory, the Optician can do the cutting and the setting of glasses. And the Optician adjusts corneal lenses and teaches the customer the manner to manipulate and maintain them.

The Optician works in a paramedical sector in which sight has priority and where the environment is pleasant and esthetic. In the beginning, an Optician should expect forty thousand dollars as salary.

There are a lot of advantages in this profession. One of the most important is that this profession is not limited, and has many aspects to it. The most important disadvantage is that from time to time we have to manipulate some dirty glasses.
The possibilities of advancement are unlimited in this profession. The salary increases as we gain experience and we can also start our own business.

To become an Optician, we have to complete a Collegial Diploma in Optical Dispensing.
As an Optician, we like to communicate with people, we have aptitudes in selling and customer services, we don’t like a routine job, we have a good manual dexterity, we have interest for sciences and we are interested in the new tendencies.

The advice that I could give you is that if you are not able to be very close to people and touch them, then don’t go into this profession.

There is presently a lack of Opticians on the market and 100% of the students who have completed their Collegial Diploma find a job in their profession.

There are many branches in which an Optician could work. He or she could work in an Optical Dispensing, a laboratory, as a representative and even start his or her own business.

In conclusion, this profession gives a lot of possibilities to anyone who has the ambition to let people see well and look their best.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Human Resources Management

In the English class, I had to find a person who has a job that interests me and I had to interview him or her. For my part, the person that I interview works in Human Resources Management. I asked her about some subject that interested me like the possibilities to do this job, the salary, the main functions, the schooling required, etc…So, I will present to you the information in this little report.
First of all, she told me that she has a baccalaureate in Human Resources Management. She says also that a BAC in Industrial Relations or a BAC in administration specialized in Human Resources Management, can be field of study in which it possible to do this job.

As she said, when you finish you studies, you can work in many places. For example: hospital centers, educational establishments, federal government, provincial government, manufacturing industries, financial institutions, etc.. You can occupy a job in Human Resources but you can also be an organisational psychologist. The field that you have access to after your studies are management, administration, employees recruitment, health and security at work (ex: CSST).

She explained to me her functions in general. First of all, she deals especially with the staff training. For example, when the representatives of certain companies of product give training, she registries the concerned employees. She is also responsible for preparing the activities events such as the Christmas party, etc... She receives the new employees by informing them about the store’s policies and she assigns a uniform to each of them. She checks also the delay’s hours and the punched in hours for each break that the employees take. After several delays, she makes a report and she gives it to the managers of the concerned employees. She must attend to the collective convention bargaining and prepare the mandates, but it’s especially the Human Resources Director who take this in load. It’s not her who controls the wages and it’s not her who deals with the personnel recruitment because there are other people engaged to carry out the tasks. On the other hand, she places the employees in the departments according to the request, the budget and the custom in the store.

The things that she likes the most in her job are to work with many people; to work in a team. She likes to works in an office, to manage papers and to work with a computer. She thinks that a person who wants to do this job must like to communicate with a lot of people and to have a good persuasion’ sense. She must like to read, to write and she must have an organization’ sense too. As in all parts of the job, she must be determined and very pleasant!

At this moment, she thinks that it’s an accessible career for a student. She says that almost every company asks for Human Resources’ services, so, there are necessarily many posts to fill to take over. Moreover, she learned recently that the students who study in this filed have approximately a 94% chance to find a job.

Her annual wages is between $ 10 000 and $ 30 000 but she says that it depends on the company for which you work. In general, the average wage is approximately $ 35 000.

She likes her job so much and she recommends it to all students who are interested by this field.
To finish, I am really happy to have carried out this interview. I am certain now that it’s in this field that I want to work in the future. I think that I have the aptitudes necessary to occupy this job. The person that I interviewed was very pleasant and she gave me the motivation to persevere.

Real Estate Agent

For the Interview I decided to choose my father to ask some questions on his job, because I would like to do this job later. He is a real estate agent. In this Interview I learned much information about his job.
First of all the most important responsibility is to respect the seller and the buyer and have every time a neutral position if you respect the rights of bought parties implicated in the transaction. Another point is the salary, for a real estate it is tough to do money because the salary depends only of the retribution witch was given in the inscription contract of the seller. I have learned many good advantages to do this job: it is the chance to work with an Agenda and he has more free time for activity our other occupation. And if you are a good seller then the salary is good because the more you sell the more you are paid there are no limits. That is perfect for me because I have a big ambition.
The most important information for me in this interview was the school formation. If I would like to become a real estate agent the course his given in a CEGEP for one semester. This course include: financial mathematic, real estate law, A.C.A.I.Q. rules and formula, sell psychology and sell technique.
The new information that I have learn on this job: was that the most active time for a real estate is was concentrated between February and June and you must work at least sixties hours a week during this time of the year to make a good salary at the end of the year.
If I would like become a very good real estate agent, the principal quality I most have, is honesty, with this quality I will be able to serve any customer in is interest. In doing so the customer will refer me to all is friend and in this way realize my ambition.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mentor Interviews

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